Timing Financial Markets Workshop!

Timing Financial Markets Workshop!Timing Financial Markets Workshop!Timing Financial Markets Workshop!

Training Stock, Commodity & Forex traders to profits in a Day!

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One of the most misunderstood and ignored factors of the markets is TIME!

T I M E !

K e y T a k e A w a y !

K e y T a k e A w a y !

One of the most Misunderstood

and ignored factors of the markets is


We hear almost everyone say 

"Do NOT try to time the markets"

Yet everyone of us does exactly that! We buy NOW , in the hope to sell LATER at a higher price. or sell NOW to buy LATER at a lower price.

The duration between

NOW & LATER is called TIME!

Truly the most important factor in the markets is TIME!


K e y T a k e A w a y !

K e y T a k e A w a y !

K e y T a k e A w a y !

Once you understand Time, 

trading the market is a joy! 

You are confident

when to buy & when to sell, 

in addition to 

where to buy & where to sell.

This is a Professional Trading Workshop featuring tried & tested plans, 

to make your trading easy,

right from Day one!!

The Timing Financial Markets Workshop delivers a smooth and flawless experience allowing you to

Accelerate Your Profits!

from the markets!!

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A b o u t M e

K e y T a k e A w a y !

A b o u t M e

I have been researching and trading

the markets!

With over 20 years of Market Research & about 30 years in Trading, I bring original thought and a truly unique way of approaching the markets!

I have had the privilege of presenting my workshops across

Four Continents in more than 20 Countries!

As an avid and regular trader, I understand the everyday problem of Day Traders, Swing Traders and Investors alike and developed my own tools and systems to address these issues effectively! 

What is Time?

The Concept of Time!!


Winning Just Got Easy

Winning Just Got Easy

Winning Just Got Easy

If finding a winner was easy, everyone would be doing it. But then, they have not attended the 'TIMING FINANCIAL MARKETS Workshop! There are 1000s of stocks, currncies, commodities, Options, furtures and forwards out there. How do you even begin to sort through the possibilities? How do you find the winners?

Now YOU Can!!

The Timing Financial Markets Workshops shows you how to scan a universe of securities to find the one that move and for the right trading strategy. You will be able to not only forecast the direction of the selected security, but also be able to forecast when it is likely to happen.

Previous Workshops

Winning Just Got Easy

Winning Just Got Easy

I have been presenting Workshops and Seminars across the globe for over a decade. No two Seminars or Workshops are the same.

I take great pride in presenting previously unknown and original thoughts and original systems and to approach trading with a fresh and new perspective. Almost every participant has reported good gains and some interesting insights into the working of the financial markets.

Previously workshops have been presented at New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Macau, Singapore, Jakarta, Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and many many more. 

Have had the opportunity to address the clients of many leading Stock Brokers & Banks! 

Workshop Content

Winning Just Got Easy

Your Investment for the Workshop!

in 6 hourly sessions of packed education and real market application, I will share and show you how you can easily time and forecast the markets. A systematic and logical trading plan will also be shared along with programmed Excel files that will make your forecasts nearly automatic and quick.

You will see and understand 

  1. What is Time?
  2. The Trend Change Fractal
  3. The Eternal Repeating Pattern
  4. The Price Time Relationship
  5. Trend Change Squaring Price and Time
  6. The Law of Vibration
  8. The repeating Nifty Time cycle

and much more.

Your Investment for the Workshop!

Your Investment for the Workshop!

Your Investment for the Workshop!

The investment for the workshop is

INR 35000 (including GST) per participant.

Your investments will get you, Complete training, Theoritical knowledge and its Practical Application in 9 hours of intense training, Lunch and Full day Tea and Snacks during the workshop!

Also included is 6 months of support through the Timing Markets Whatsapp group, where all questions will be answered and many trade setups shared and you will be alerted to many trading opportunities arising all the time.

This is a Full day program and DOES NOT include any residential facilities! 

FAQs 1

Your Investment for the Workshop!

FAQs 1

 Q. It is said :Nobody can time the markets" How can you be so sure?

A. Yes! It is a commonly heard statement. 200 years back, the whole world believed that the earth was flat. We are led to believe many things simply because they are repeated by many. Same goes with Time. Over the centuries the concept of Time has been changed many times and every time, we moved away from the real truth. Once you see and understand "The True Concept of Time," all such wrong notions will be laid to rest.


Q. Is this course a good value?

A. The answer to this lies in another simple question. What is the value of your knowing, when a trend is likely to reverse or continue? This answer alone may save you from several losing trades. When combined with the trading setups and plans presented, YOU WILL KNOW when and where to enter and exit a trade profitably!

FAQs 2

Your Investment for the Workshop!

FAQs 1

Q. Can I attend more than one workshop?

A. We are committed to get you on the path to reaching your trading goals and trading profitably & you are welcome to attend more than one workshop. There is no additional cost. We only ask you to cover the basic cost of hospitality. 

Q. Do you provide any software?

A, Any software is only a tool. It cannot replace the most incredible computer that we all possess - the Human Mind. It is capable of much more. Our goal is giving you skills that will allow you to look at a chart and be able to analyse and forecast the future. You can use any charting program that allows you to measure Price and Time

Participant Testimonials

Feedback of Participants of previous editions of the Timing Financial Markets Workshop 

Participant Testimonials

Feedback of Participants of previous editions of the Timing Financial Markets Workshop 


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